Kickin' Horse Shoe Creations
Horseshoe Wine Rack - Holds 9 bottles of your favorite wine
Item # KHS-30 - Horseshoe Wine Rack
This horseshoe wine rack gives a western look to your favorite wine bottles.
Horseshoe Mug Holder
Item # KHS-16 - Horseshoe Mug Holder
This horseshoe mug holder is a must for the wester kitchen.  
Mugs not included.
Horseshoe Paper Towel Holder
Item # KHS-33 - Horseshoe Paper Towel
The horseshoe paper towel holder can
also handle the jumbo rolls.
Horseshoe Spice Rack
Item # KHS-23 - Horseshoe Spice Rack
This horseshoe spice rack comes complete with
branded jars.
Horseshoe Pots and Pans Rack
Item # KHS-18 - Horseshoe Pots and Pans Rack
This unique horseshoe pots and pans rack will hold up to five
pieces of your favorite cookwear.
Black Spur Wine Holder
Item # KHS-29 - Black Spur Wine Holder
This black spur wine holder is made with a bit, spurs and
horseshoes.  Wine glasses not included.  Other options
available, email me for photos.
Horseshoe Salt and Pepper Holder
Item # KHS-34 - Horseshoe Salt and Pepper Holder
This horseshoe salt and pepper holder comes complete with branded salt and pepper shakers.
Spur Paper Towel Holder
Item # KHS-39 - Spur Paper Towel Holder
Spur paper towel holder is a must for the western kitchen.
Item # KHS-38 - Horseshoe Wine Holder
The horseshoe wine holder is made using four horseshoes.