Kickin' Horse Shoe Creations
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Horseshoe Hat Rack
item # KHS-12 - Horseshoe Hat Rack
Horseshoe hat rack is a great way to store hats.
Horseshoe Cross
Item # KHS-51 - Horseshoe Cross
Spur Hat Rack
Item # KHS-14 - Spur Hat Rack
Spur hat rack is a unique way to
display  your favorite hat.
Horseshoe Key Necklace Holder
Item # KHS-15 - Horseshoe Key Necklace Holder
Horseshoe key necklace holder is made in a cloverleaf.
Horseshoe Bookends
Item # KHS-17 - Horseshoe Bookends
Horseshoe bookends are a western tradition for displaying your favorite books.
5 Horseshoe Wall Coat Rack
Item # KHS-3 - 5 Horseshoe Wall Coat Rack
5 horseshoe wall coat rack holds five coats or scarves.
Black Spur Riffle Rack
Item # KHS-19 - Black Spur Riffle Rack
This black spur riffle rack displays your favorite gun.
Small Horseshoe Christmas Tree
Item # KHS-2B - Small Horseshoe Christmas Tree
Large Horseshoe Christmas Tree
Item # KHS-2 - Large Horseshoe Christmas Tree
rope not included
Spur Bookends
Item # KHS-35 - Spur Bookends
Spur bookends are available in black spurs.