Kickin' Horse Shoe Creations
Horseshoe Towel Bar 24 Inches
Item # KHS-41- Horseshoe Towel Bar (24 inches)
Towels not included.
Horseshoe Towel Bar 18 Inches
Item # KHS-41A - Horseshoe Towel Bar (18 inches)
This horseshoe towel bar is a must for the western bath.  
Towels not included.
Horseshoe Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder
Item # KHS-27 - Horseshoe Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder
Horseshoe free standing toilet paper holder offers storage for up to three extra rolls.
Horseshoe Robe Hook
Item # KHS-20 - Horseshoe Robe Hook
Horseshoe robe hook is made using
one and a half horseshoes.
Horseshoe Kleenex Holder
Item # KHS-26 - Horseshoe Kleenex Holder
Horseshoe kleenex/tissue holder is perfect
for that western bath.
Kleenex/tissue holder not included.
Spur Hand Towel Holder
Item # KHS-40 - Spur Hand Towel Holder
This unique spur hand towel holder looks great in a bath or kitchen.  Towels not included.
Item # KHS-37 - Horseshoe Toilet Paper Holder
Horseshoe toilet paper holder is made to hold even the biggest rolls.